AS9100 rev C Skill Examiner Audit to complete my RABQSA Auditor certification




Please advise or help. I need to conduct an audit with a skill examiner to complete my RABQSA Auditor certification. I live in San Diego but am willing to travel throughout California where an auditor will allow me to join them with my skill examiner.

Look forward to receiving feedback.


Mike P.

Big Jim


Is there a certification body that you anticipate working with after you are certified? I suggest you talk to them about pairing you up with someone.

If you haven't determined a certification body yet, now is the time to talk to a few, such as TUV, DNV, BSI, or PJR. Most certification bodies that include the aerospace group would be eager to find another qualified AS9100C auditor.

PM me if you would like.


:thanx: Appreciate the response. Currently I'm employed with the Gov't DoD and haven't considered a certifying body. My thought was to complete the RABQSA Auditor training, then go from there. Since I'm familiar with BSI, I can contact them.

Again, thanks for the response.
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