AS9100 Rev. D Transition Audit - Number of Audit Days


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I know the number of audit days is based on the number of employees. Per any of the charts I look at on-line (I don't want to buy AS9104/1) says 46-65 employee's (exclude design) is 5.0 for initial, 2.0 for surveillance and 4.0 for Recertification.

I assume moving from 'C' to 'D' is classified as "Initial". Using this, that would be 5.0 days. I am being quoted 10.5 days. Am I missing something?
For our re-certification they added a couple days for the upgrade to revision D. That being said, doubling the length of the audit seems excessive.


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We have around 45 employees and we're at 4 - 5 days now. I can't imagine it being 10. Edit: We are a single site campus with 4 buildings, but only 2 manufacturing buildings.
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Other factors are involved.

* Do you have more than one site (Campus or multi-site).
* Do you have complex or simple, repeatable process.

I had my transition audit last month, originally quoted for 13 days, but lowered to 9 days due to going from a multi-site to a single site and lower employee count brought us to the next lower bracket.

Also, figure in time for review of NCR's from previous audit (which adds time).

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