AS9100a and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Manual and Document Examples


Jimmy Olson

I decided to start this thread after a discussion in the following thread:

Is Your Company Registered to ISO9001:2000? (4 Feb 2002 to 25 July 2003)

The discussion was related to viewing examples of quality manuals and other documentation that have succesfully passed an ISO 9001:2000 audit. I figured that this was worthy of it's own thread.

I have received a lot of great advice and information from here and have reached a point where I feel I can start contributing and hopefully helping others. So to start this off, here is a copy of my Quality Manual that has passed an ISO 9001:2000 audit.

For those of you who wish to post anonymously you may either send me aprivate message or an email and I will post something for you. There are some other people who are willing to do the same as well.
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Thanks Richard....I'm starting to teach more 9K1 stuff and showing folks examples of materials saves a whole lot of words.

BTW...I'll be back your way next month most likely.

Jimmy Olson

Wow. If I had known that it would be used as a teaching aide I would have charged for it :vfunny:

I hope that's it's helpfull for your classes. Let me know when you might be around.


Hello all. My first post after lurking here for a few months and reading all the fascinating discussions.

If anyone’s interested, attached is the Quality Manual I compiled for my company, and which has passed muster for ISO9001:2000. We’ve had BS5750/ISO9002 since back in ’94, were recommended for certification to 9001 last November, and received the certificate a couple of weeks ago.

No non-conformities, I’m glad to say. Actually our external auditor (from BSI) said she wished she had more clients in our area so that she could bring them along and show them how it should be done! (My bosses liked that bit especially, and patted me nicely on the head. Pity the goodwill never lasts!)

I must say, we found the transition really quite quick and easy, but maybe that was because we’ve been travelling the TQ/Business Excellence road for quite a few years now.

The Manual is a bit different to most that I’ve seen. We used to have a top level Manual, full of ISO clauses and vacuous verbiage, but I threw it out. Total waste of time. Now, we have process maps and procedures all in one, and all kept as simple as possible. It might not be as detailed as many would like, but it suits us, and that’s all I’m interested in. Although we occasionally use the odd process map or procedure flowchart to illustrate a talk, the Manual is basically only ever needed by me or the external auditor. As I always tell people during employee inductions, it’s there as a reference back-up. If they’re being trained correctly, they’ll probably never have a need to see it.

M Greenaway


Please attach your manual if possible, it sounds pretty good !


Hello again.

I note in the FAQ that there's a limit to the size of attachment allowed. Anyone know what the limit is? My QM document is 5.24mb.

I'll give it another try though.....

edited to add: Nope, no joy. I'll have to see if I can split it. Ho hum.


Thanks Jim

An e is on its way.

I'm sure it'll be a severe anti-climax!

Will. :)

M Greenaway

Gee whizz mweb.

You cut the crap from the quality manual and its still 5.2 meg :vfunny:

I will have to wait till I am back in work to download this and I can suck it through a broadband !

Mike S.

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Thanks for posting your manual! I won't pretend I read through all of it but one thing caught my eye, other than your great detail: Since your org chart has individual's names on it and it is part of your QM, what do you do when someone leaves or changes position? Don't you have to revise the entire manual then, complete with sending new copies to the registrar, etc?
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