AS9100A audit - Is Scoring being used?




I am currently in the process of preparing for our first AS9100A audit and have been using the AS9101A to check how well we are doing.

At the back of the booklet there is a scorecard for each of the different sections but there doesn't appear to be a guide to whether or not there is a passing score.

Has anyone been through an audit or knows whether the scoring is used or if it is based more on NC's?



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You will be 'judged' on NCs with consideration to auditor interpretations. There is no set 'passing score'.


Marc said:
You will be 'judged' on NCs with consideration to auditor interpretations. There is no set 'passing score'.

That's a true story based on my experiences. Our registrar and our customers use the subject checklist and I have yet to see anyone use the scoring chart.

However, it could be used as a CI tool from an internal audit standpoint.

Sidney Vianna

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From January 1st, 2004 on, according to the harmonized approach mandated by the IAQG, Registrars will be required to use the scoring mechanism of the AS9101 checklist.

The explanation for the scoring is vailable on page 10 of AS9101 Rev. B. In a nutshell, the scoring works like this: You deduct points if the organization has non-conformities. For multiple non-conformities, you deduct more points. For major non-conformities, more points deducted. If an organization has multiple major non-conformities, all points are deducted, ie, they score zero for that ISO element.

Like Marc said, you still have to CLOSE all non-conformities, before you are awarded an AS9100 certificate. The requirement is available in SAE AIR 5359.

As a side note, I have worked with scoring checklists in the past and I suspect that we will see tremendous variation on how the AS9101 scores are computed, defeating it's purpose.
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