AS9100C Lead Auditor Training Courses being Cancelled


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I have been registered 4 times now in the past 2 years for Lead auditor training in AS9100C. I have taken the ISO 9001:2008 Internal Systems Auditor course but every time I register for the AS9100 course it is cancelled. Has anyone else had this problem? I am in Ontario Canada and it appears to be next to impossible to get this training. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!:bonk:


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Re: AS9100C Lead auditor training

Why not try another provider? There's more than 1 course being offered.


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I have tried 4 different providers. The course requires I believe 4 registered attendees in order for it to commence and I guess here in Ontario there are not a lot of people in the aerospace market.


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I recently got AS9100 lead auditor from SAI Global but I had to travel from Reno NV to Huston TX to get the training and stay at the hotel. You may need to do the same thing if the local classes are canceled.


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Yup - I've been through many courses where there was no alternative than to travel 1000+ miles to attend a course. They have a minimum number of people to turn a profit which is why all the courses I have attended have a disclaimer that if not enough people sign up they cancel.
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