AS9100C Process based manual


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What you are asking for is to copy somebody's unique process.

First - who is asking for a process manual (does not exist).

Second - are you looking for a QM or for process procedures?

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Thanks for you response. I am looking for your second choice a QM for process procedures, if that idea exists.


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Most company will copy paste the standard and edit the wording to fit the company

Meet the requirements of the 4.2.2 of AS9100C and you will be ok.

For a process manual - start with a flowchart (Turtle Diagram) and identify the inputs and outputs of your unique processes.

You could add the clauses and procedures that you need to use and you are on your way to develop a set of flowchart that represents your unique processes. Put it in a binder and you have your own process Quality Manual.


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