AS9100D internal audit checklist or ISO 9001 2015 to AS9100 D


Our company has allready been AS9100 rev d certified for the past 3 years. We had a consultant that initially provided us with the wrong Audit packet
the ISO 9001 2015 . Needless to say that was an epic fail the first year in. In a mad panic we purchased the IS0 9001 2015 to AS9100 D audit packet to help us out.
We have been utilizing this packet for past 2 years now. We are now in the 4th year and please can someone tell me if I can just purchase the AS9100 D audit packet without the wrap around? Sure would make this alot easier. Sorry it sounds silly, trying to help and learn how this works for our very small company of 20 people.
Any help, guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

Mike S.

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I am not sure I understand your question.

When doing internal audits after being certified I audit mostly against our internal procedures, work instructions, records, etc. I would not be using a pre-printed audit checklist purchased from an outside organization.
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