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AS9100D - Scope of QMS for New Company - Only Choosing a Function Subset Due to Management

Sidney Vianna

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Staff member
I think getting a consultant to start working with us will help significantly.
Please be aware that variation of knowledge, helpfulness, professionalism, competence, etc...are huge between consultants, even more so than with CB auditors. So, do your homework in the consultant selection process VERY CAREFULLY. You will need to find someone who can make "meaningful interpretations" of a management system standard that was developed for aerospace flight hardware and apply it to a service organization providing "test services". The applicability and interpretation of the requirements to your product, what is a service, can create mind numbing discussions and, if not done properly, will create bureaucracy that will add no value to you, your customer and no other stakeholder, but might exist just because a consultant thought that the CB auditor will want to see it.

Just to give you an example: Can you properly justify non applicability of service design and development? Let the fun begin....

And, without a question, good luck to you. Your few posts show already that you are an intelligent, well intended person.
Of course he is, Sidney, he was smart enough to come here - but what about me? I kept him from feeling neglected while we all waited for you to finish your sandwich !

Thanks all for the feedback. I actually want to discuss further Sidney's comment about interpreting the standard for flight hardware for a service organization. Can anyone provide examples of how this standard might actually be applied to a services organization? For example, the end product for one specific process is a detailed proposal that specifies not only contractual information but also what technical approach we will take. The end product of our project execution process is a combination of a report documenting what was performed and data which supplements it. Aside from asking for a really good consultant - any thoughts about general steps/approaches?
And then related to this - how do you handle a process that has a whole list of "best practices", but only one or two requirements? Most of our services are highly technical and we give discretion to the engineer teams on a specific project how they handle it. Would a good consultant know how to help us write in such a way to capture this intent?

Sidney Vianna

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Staff member
Would a good consultant know how to help us write in such a way to capture this intent?
Without a question, a good consultant would not create ridiculous, unnecessary straight jackets to your business processes. One of the traits of a good consultant is to understand as early as possible, in the assignment, if there are any fundamental gaps between the organization's business processes and culture and the standard(s) they need to demonstrate conformance against. So, if any consultant tells you that certain well established business practices violate the standard, be very skeptical.
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