AS9100D Transitional Audit General Question Checklist


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Hello, I am using a modified PEAR form to conduct a QMS transitional Audit of AS9100D. I was looking for assistance with any general question audit checklist that I could use in developing our own auditing checklist. Can someone help? I know we are performing a process approach to our auditing report, but an AS9100D general question :(audit checklist would help me in starting this process.


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Hello, Yes I have performed a Gap Analysis using the IAQG template as my guide. We are now going to perform a transitional audit to AS9100D of our QMS. We have developed questions to our key processes, and will perform the process approach in our assessment. I wanted to know if anyone else has developed a general auditing checklist, that i can reference to compare with the questions we are going to ask in the interview phase of this assessment. Please help.
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What I would do is develop the questions/checklist based upon "open ended" questions to get as much information as you can of the process being evaluated at the time. Don't base your questions on "yes or no" answers. Your objective should be to get as much information as you can, which can lead to digging a little deeper into the process. Don't focus on "skimming" the top which happens in a lot of audits. You can use the "What IF" scenario, which does lead into more information of the process.

This is just a suggestion.


I would like to know which processes (Clause / Section wise) require KPIs with examples for AS9100D.
AS9100C required KPIs for 7.1, 7.2, 7.4 (7.3 is NA as we are a CNC machining company and use customer drawings and design), 7.5 and 7.6.


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The short answer is it depends on your system. AS9100 doesn't require KPIs for clauses. KPIs should be tied to processes. AS9100 requires that you determine the processes needed for your QMS, and that you determine criteria and methods to ensure effective control of these processes including monitoring, measurements, and related performance indicators. This is the overall requirement. Assuming that you've already determined the processes of your system (probably the same as in Rev C) you need to determine monitoring, measurements and performance indicators for each process.
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