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I am looking for opinions on whether the following is in violation of AS9102 requirements.

I have been provided an FAI package generated by a sub-tier supplier. The supplier fabricated / machined a detail part, installed some threaded inserts, and provided a finished assembly. The FAI provided was for the finished assembly and marked as an Assembly (Form 1 - Box 13). The detail part and the threaded inserts were listed in the parts list area of Form 1 (Boxes 15 thru 18). However, for the detail part, the FAIR identifier in Form 1 - Box 18 is the same FAIR identifier for the assembly (Box 4). The ballooned drawing and Form 3 data addressed all the dimensions of the detail part. Detail and Assembly information is all on the same drawing.

Is there a violation here?

I have always seen it done or have done it myself that the detail FAI is completed, excluding the drawing's assembly information. Then a second assembly FAI is completed, this time excluding the drawing's detail information. The assembly FAI pulls in the unique FAI identifier from the detail FAI.

I never thought about it much until I saw another FAI post here that referenced AS9102 Rev C - Section 1.3:
"This standard applies to assemblies, sub-assemblies, and detail parts including castings, forgings, and modifications to standard catalogue or Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) items. Each of these items shall have a separate FAI."

Your thoughts?


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Reading further into AS9102 Rev. C, clause 1.3 application, it states:
"Unless contractually required, this standard does not apply to: .... Procured standard catalogue items, COTS, ....."

IMHO, your supplier should have referenced the certificate of conformance number in form 1, field 18.

On page 17 of AS9102, where describing the use of field 18, it states: "If no FAIR identifier is available, input the organization’s identifier for the FAI or approved configuration." This may be the way the organization identifies the COTS."

Again, IMO, the FAIR number is not traceable. The C of C is.
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