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AS9102 Form 3 Dimension Results

I have been going through some FAIR's and have some findings concerning the results. The print/requirement calls out a R .03 TYP with a tolerance of .00 - .06. The FAIR has a result of "1/32" which of course is conforming. AS9102, 4.7.3a (Record Results) says " The organization shall record the requirements and results in the units specified on the drawing, DPD, or specification, unless otherwise approved by the customer." My interpretation is, if it is in decimal on the print then it needs to be decimal on the Form 3. Any thoughts?

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Although the reported decimal is in the specified units (inches), this isn't something I wouldn't even bother the customer with. The person reporting was probably using a fractional radius gage set and simply wanted to infer that information with how it was reported. Personally, I would keep everything in decimals to match the print. If the measurement was 3/64", it would still be within the tolerance, but it would require the reader to do extra work. If nothing else, it's just a courtesy to the reader.
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