AS9102 Rev. C Para. 4.7.3 b recording results


I am looking for an Interpretation of AS9102 Rev. C, Paragraph 4.7.3 b -

b. Results from inspection of design characteristics shall be expressed in quantitative terms (i.e., variable data), to the level of accuracy including tolerance of measurement (i.e., number of decimal places) when a design characteristic is expressed by numerical limits.

I am having issues with approvals now in Net Inspect, they are only wanting results published that meet the decimal place call outs on the drawings. Example: Drawing calls for .500 ±.010, my result should only be shown as .501. If this is true what happened to the Rule of 10? Is this not practiced anymore? I do not see an allowance in Rev C to round up or down on a measurement. With my customers, this is not allowed unless they specify the practice in their quality notes.

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What would Net Inspect do if the spec was .500 +/- .001, where clearly you don't wanna round to the nearest .001? If you measured .5012 it would be OOT.
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