AS9102 Training - Seeking third party agency that provides online AS9102 training



Hello. First, thanks to all who support and contribute to this site. I have been visiting as a guest for some time and always learn something new.

I know it has been asked in the past, but much of the information is out-dated. Does anyone know of a good third party agency that provides AS9102 training, preferably web-based? My company has ~15 people throughout the country who are performing first article reviews/approvals for one of our customers. Due to some recent misses, I think some third party training would be helpful. I have found and am contacting them.


Will White

I haven't used any online training resources before for generating FAIRs but found a training is offered by Net-Inspect. I can't direct link to the training but you can go to their website and click on the "Training" button to find what they have.

I'm unsure if the training they perform is specific to their online platform of generating FAIRs or is more broad based and talks about how to perform FAIRs to AS9102.

From my own experience different customers have different expectations on the contents of a FAIR and sometimes comes down to the individual performing the review of the FAIR.
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