AS9102 - What needs to be Bubbled on a Contract or Purchase Order

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My Customer's interpretation of AS9102 requires our inspectors to bubble the Customer PO as well as the Engineering drawing. This request is to include specifications called out within the PO.

I don't see anything in AS9102 other than to assure that the parts meet the engineering characteristics.

Should I bubble those specifications called out in the Customer PO although some do not pertain to engineering characteristics?

Coury Ferguson

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Re: First Article What needs to be bubbled from a Contract

I believe that AS9102 requires that everything identified on the drawing be identified on the forms 1,2 and 3.

However, if your customer sees it a different way then I would have them modify the PO/Contract to reflect their way. :)

If there is a conflict between drawing and PO the face of the PO is legally binding.

Just my opinion.


We only bubble the print characteristics with numbers for each. Forms 1 and 2 are filled out from the PO and print as well but nothing is bubbled on the purchase orders.


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If the PO supersedes something bubbled on the drawing, I would add that in the comment for that bubble.


We normally cover such things with our Certificate of Conformance, adding in any special callouts on the PO, but I also have had customers put dimensional changes on a PO and we added them to the AS9102 form three.

It was what I consider a work around for the buyer when production wanted a change (pilot hole position tolerance was added) but it takes to long to get a drawing rev. through the system.

Let us know how this turns out for you J Allen.

Walter, (AS9100 machine shop)
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