Hi Elsmar Cove Forum, Firstly I would like to congratulate Marc on such a great website. I have found the Forums and the resources a great help to me in my 1st year as a Quality Manager.
This is my first dicussion thread, so please excuse me if I have completed any information incorrectly.
I work for a EASA/FAA Part 145 MRO in the Aerospace Industry, that currently has ISO9001:2008 approval. We are currently updating our QMS to conform to the AS9110 standard, and have just completed Stage 1 of the Audit with some unsatisfactory findings.
I am now preparing for the 2nd Stage Audit which will be carried out over 5 Days!
Could anyone help me with the Procedures that I may require? I have followed the standards requirements, but I don't want to make any slipups. Can anyone tell me what I should be aware of before this Audit? For example what are the usual findings in the 2nd Stage.
I am expecting some NCR's, as it is our first AS9110 Audit, but hopefully they will be minor ones.
Any help and guidance Elsmar Cove members can give me will be very appreciated.

Sidney Vianna

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Any help and guidance Elsmar Cove members can give me will be very appreciated.
Welcome to The Cove.

If the lead auditor did his job properly during the stage 1 audit, you should have been told what are the concerns from a readiness standpoint for the stage 2 audit.

Did you receive the Stage 1 Report? The auditor is required to fill out the Appendix F of the AS9101D standard for the stage 1 audit. That report should indicate the areas of concern and potential nonconformities for the stage 2 audit.
I agree with Sidney. If, at this point in the game, your LA didn't leave you with a clear understanding of what you must do next, that's very risky and we can't help much, without knowing a lot more. To be blunt, you shouldn't be asking us between stage 1 and 2, what procedures are required.

Please let us know what was reported (sanitized) so we can point you in the right directions, but, frankly, it sounds as if you aren't ready or the auditor did a poor job - which both mean you risk a poor outcome at the stage 2. You may wish to postpone things, until you get this straightened out.


Hi Sidney & Andy,

Thank you for your reply.
I have amended our ISO9001 procedures and included the additional requirements of the AS9110 standard. I am new to the QA position and I find some of the terms can be rather confusing. Thankfully Elsmar cove has come to the rescue.
My AS9110 Auditor has asked me to provide the following information at the 2nd Stage Audit.
-Delivery Performance and action plan if targets not met.
-Product Conformity Measures and action plan needs to be defined.
-Process Measures of Effectiveness defined, and an action plan to drive improvement in process measures.
It's easier for me to explain things rather than put pen to paper, but I know that this will not be acceptable to the Auditor.
Is there any examples that I can look at to give me some guidance on action plans?

Many Thanks.

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