AS9110 Re-Certification & Transition Audit



Just concluded our first Re-certification Audit which was also our Transition Audit from AS9110B to AS9110C last week.

I was already brain dead from a revision to our EASA MAG earlier in the year and the full blown DOD DCMA Non-FAA audit of AS9110B, which was a 6 day audit, plus the fact that I wear 2 hats here and have other duties I must conduct daily.:whip:

With Rev. C being from what I could tell, it was a game of 52 Card Pick-up with the re-numbering and the only thing I really saw as an addition was an abundance of redundancy and addressing things which we already cover due to our FAA/ EASA requirements.

I did have the questions that everyone else has had concerning the Context of the Organization and Interested Parties and what they really wanted.

With a little time reading on the Cove, I sat down and completed the re-write by myself minus any outside help. There are some very good ideas out there and some could be slightly modified to fit us and our organization.

I came out of the audit with only 1 finding, a minor, and it's on documentation, so I am ELATED to say the least!:cool:

I also just got word from my DPD MBD audit which was completed yesterday with no findings in it either. That's 6 major audits in the last 3 years with only 1 finding. :agree1:

I want to thank all of those who that helped me understand the changes whether they know it or not and I want to thank the Cove for being here as a VERY VALUABLE SOURCE OF INFORMATION as always!:thanx:
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