AS9120B 8.5.1 Control of Production and Service Provision


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Hi All,

As a AS9120B aerospace distributor of hardware, how does 8.5.1 Control Of Production and Services Provision apply to us if we do not dimensional inspect hardware nor mfg any hardware as well? Or can I just take exception to that? Thank you in advance.


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If you do not do any measurements to the product and do not have equipment that requires calibration - yes, you can apply the N/A to only thos lines from 8.5.1 but you still need to comply with the rest.


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AS9100 Rev. D 8.5.1 has a lot more to control of service than measurement.

Such as:
the availability of documented information
the appointment of competent persons
the implementation of actions to prevent human error;
the establishment of criteria for workmanship
the accountability for all products
the control and monitoring of identified critical items, including key characteristics, in accordance with established processes;
the provision for the prevention, detection, and removal of foreign objects;

Is AS9120 that different?
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