Asking Suppliers about Statistical Techniques they use



I need to write to all of our suppliers and ask them if they are using any sort of Statistical Techniques.

What sort of things should I say in this letter?

Yours in advance

Rick Goodson


How about, "are you using any statistical techniques?" Only kidding!

You probably need to start by explaining why you want to know if they use the techniques. Explain what is the driving force behind the inquiry. Then you probably should explain to them what your organization means by statistical techniques. Different organizations may have different interpretations of what is a statistical technique. Is acceptance sampling considered a statistical technique? Is it based on a sound statistical evaluation or has someone just said look at 1 out of ervery 100 produced.
Finally you come to the original question of which techniques they use.

KenK - 2009

No offense, but it sounds like the blind asking the blind.

May I suggest you first get some training in statistical methods before asking your suppliers if they are using them?

A lot of this can be self-taught - to some extent.


Suppliers and Statistical Techniques

Al: Don't ask, tell them what you expect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I agree with you, you must manage the supplier, don't let them manage you.

However, some memories twisted your statement and left the following humor in my mind:

I am adding, "I am your STA and I am here to help you... And require you to improve your process at your expense. So the process is exceptional, the customer always expects continuous improvement. You ask how much will it cost to make this marginal improvement and justify it with limited functional improvement? That's your problem, your competitors don't ask that question. Remember: Continuous Improvement... QS-9000... Hey, I am a quality guy, just make it better, money is not a normal distribution.

Oh, I see you have a Cpk of 3, looks like we can tighten the specifications on the print... We will also include the 5% cost reduction for your process improvement efforts. Hey, we are all in this together. When you benifit, we prosper. You got an award and a flag for god's sake. Thats just the way of doing business. We bend over to the union, and put the thumb screws to all the superior outsourced suppliers that are lucky to have our business.

BTW, you guys sure jumped through hoops to make that PPAP timing after your APQP process was a disaster. I know you requested the final drawings and a signed contract over and over again from us in order to purchase the toolings and machinery. But, you should have anticipated this and wrote the PO anyway since it went Red --- hear me: APQP. Repeat 'APQP', one of the little blue books from AIAG. Shame on you for letting that happen. Manage your customer folks. However, through it all, my boss is pleased I was able to come in here and fix your inadequate management of this problem. Remember, as STA, I am here to make you a first rate supplier. Call me if you have a problem anytime. "

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