ASME B89.6.2 - Temperature and Humidity Environment for Dimensional Measurements



Our objective in the near future is to be compliant to the latest requirements, I have heard 50% humidity is spec. for ambient temp of 65 to 75 degrees does anyone know where this is written? our lab is 21 c and usually around 23% humidity, how many dollars required to bump to 50% if required? and contacts in Ontario Canada.



I have found some ISO specs for test and calibration that state required temperature but not humidity. I think it depends on the type of M&T's being performed. What are you calibrating?

David Drue Stauffer

If you would acquire ASME B89.6.2 entitled " Temperature and Humidity Environment for Dimensional Measurement", I think this will answer your questions.

Yew Seng Chuan

I am Yew, we also facing the same problem.
Our auditor asking us how our company setup the temperature and humidity for inhouse calibration laboratory.
Our temperature setting are 23 +/- 2°C
Humidity setting : 55 +/-10% RH.
Do any one have any reference regarding laboratory temp and humidity specification to be share.
I also found under NCSL laoboratory design them only mention about temperature control for laboratory. 23°c for electrical laboratory.

Yew Seng Chuan.

Yew Seng Chuan

Noted and thank for advice.
Do any one have reference such as below.
1.ASME B89.6.2 or
2.NCSL Recommended Practice RP-7: Laboratory Design
I need them be my reference to determine my inhouse calibration laboratory temperature and humidity setting.
I try to seach through internet the reference above, but unable to get.




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The ASME standard should be copyrighted and hence you can't find any in the web but I am not too sure about RP-7.

We do have 2 other threads where you should be able to gather bits and pieces of info:

Calibration Environment - Micrometers - NCSL RP 7 - Laboratory Design

Environmental Conditions for Calibration - Temperature and Humidity‎

An a2la link is provided in one of the post. Use it to see if you can access RP-7, otherwise they are available from sellers like SAI.
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