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Does anyone know of a master list of aspects and impacts for ISO 14001?? Seems to me that there should be one somewhere on the web.
There is no such thing as a "Master List". It's incumbent upon each organization to determin its own A&I's.

If you use the "Forum Seach" tool you can research what has been said about A&I's on this site over the last few years.


Hmmm, maybe a master list does exist somewhere, but when my firm went for registration, we had to identify our own. 4.3.1 states that the organization shall establish ... procedure(s) to identify the aspects of its activities ... in order to determine those which ... can have significant impacts. I am not an expert in 14001, but I am quite certain that each company has to pretty much come up with their own list. The "logic" of 14001 is that you "start" by listing your aspects, determine the impacts, define which impacts are "significant", make objectives and targets to address these significant impacts, and on and on.

Because every firm has its own unique processes and systems, it would be difficult to make a master list. Might I suggest, however that you might find some aspects having significant impacts by looking at your maintenance department, how do you handle waste (solid, liquid) and gas emissions, hydraulic oil, solvents, spills, sewers, your building, your grounds. Are your processes "dirty", "noisy" , "smelly", etc. What is your utilisation of utilities: electrical, water, etc. Just a few ideas. Good luck.


Thanks Chris and is my belief that a high percentage of aspect and impact catagories are universal and it is only a question of degree, lights=electrical usage+heat+waste (disposal of bulbs). A pick list is possible it seems and the process would be if the items on the list pertain to your company. Everyone eats, most Mfg. plant have a forklift.... so many things are universal.

Maybe im just lazy.....

Thanks for the input


Fair enough for wanting to simplify your task...probably someone eventually WILL try to make some sort of "master list"...but using that would only count for the beginning of your implementation journey. Next step will be to identify which impacts are significant...and that decision has to be plant and industry specific... e.g. solvent and wet chemicals would be more important in a paint or plating company than, say an injection molding company.


...My probable final word on the subject...I was reviewing the text in a teaching type journal and found an example of abspestos being in celing tiles when the impact of some construction was being examined......we also are doing some construction but we NEVER would have given it a second thought...we are now having some tiles analyzed...and a master list of sorts would save tons of repeated effort...THANKS Chris......and all
I kind of know a little about this subject, so trust me when I say "There is no such thing as a Master List of Aspects".

Every organization has to determine the elements of its activities, products or services which may have a potential impact on the environment. (Not quite a direct quote, but it should suffice)

A small plastic bottle of drinking water can have 6 or more aspects in and of itself. An aspect can be human excretion, waste paper, electricity usage and garbage from the cafeteria. The types and numbers of aspects are infinite. As with beauty, aspects are in the eye of the beholder.

Check the archives on this forum, there is quite a bit of information available.
To echo Randy, There is no such thing as a master list of aspects. And hopefully there will never be one.
The standard instructs you, the organization, to identify your own aspects. Pay particular to the word "control."
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