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Aspects and Impacts Master List - ISO 14001


Sandy S

Yes, Randy this did help. We already have a list. I have compiled this list last year when I was given the task of ISO14001. However, I had not implemented the list into our purchasing process. I was just going for a tip from the auditor about the signing of the PO. I knew this was not a task I wanted to tackle and there had to be a better way. I already have the way covered. I will implement this into our purchasing process. And I now know how to explain the process to the Auditor. (this is where I failed to comply during my audit. :) Thanks so much!!


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Re: Aspect Impact Registar

Hi Manoj,
Thank you very much for the Hindalco aspect attachment.
This will be a start for me, since I am new to EMS Requirement.
We are now working towards ISO14001 Certification next week.
Thanks again.
Best regards,


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Re: ISO 14001 - Master list of Aspects and Impacts

Hi Randy,
Thank you for the Generic Aspect Us Army Attachment.
Best regards,


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Aspect Impact Registar

Pl. find attachment of our Aspect Impact Registar. All the aspects mentioned in this document were evaluated as we do FMEA(Failure Mode Effect Analysis). All the aspects are rated and action plan has been made If you need further guidance pl. let me know I shall tell you how to give rating or apply FMEA on aspects.

Hi Manoj,
Thanks for sharing the list. It is really informative.
but what is the process of carrying out Risk & opportunities ?

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