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ASQ Certification Exams Definitions Sheet


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Let me first thank Mr. Bonney for developing & compiling this valuable collection of 611 commonly used terminologies in the ASQ Certification Exams. To ease the pain, he has also cross-referenced the terminology to QCI primer Section #-page#.

I would like to also extend my thanks to him for graciously allowing me to upload his work in Elsmar Cove.

Last week, I contacted Mr.Bonney to find out if he was able to mail the attachment for several requesters in the CQE –ASQ Discussion forum thread.

I understand Mr.Bonney was promptly sending the attachment to all those who requested from ASQ discussion forum. To make his life easy and benefit many visitors in Elsmar Cove, I requested him to allow uploading the attachment in our Elsmar Cover “Professional Certification and Degrees” topic.

Please note that QCI cross-references are subject to change as the BOK changes or the QCI rearrange their material. However the “definition” column are not likely to change.

As requested by Mr.Bonney, please provide any feedback, suggestions.



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As a result of Govind's cross reference in the ASQ Form he moderates, we have probably picked up more Cove members. Very pro-active response to a vexing problem for many certification candidates, Govind!:applause:

Kudos, also, to Marc, for conceiving of and providing a venue for posting this information!:applause:
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