ASQ Certified Biomedical Auditor (CBA) Certification Preparation 2019


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Deciding to take the CBA exam either in the November Testing window or January Testing window. Does anyone have recent experience of the exam? how much preparation time required/ you devoted to it? Please suggest some resources as well?



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Years ago, whe I sat for the CQA exam, the materials from the Quality Council of Indiana were invaluable. I see they have similar materials for the CBA: CBA –

I'm not affiliated with CQI, by the way.


I agree with Don - I had taken the CBA in 2015 and found the Primer of great help!
I took Six Sigma Green Belt in 2017 and I found Primer okay, on the contrary many of my friends who took paper-based Six Sigma Green Belt before 2017 used Primer as their only source and they found it great. I wonder if it is the same case with CBA
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