ASQ CQA (Certified Quality Auditor) Test - Any advice for me?



I am taking the CQA test next week. Does anyone have any suggestions, thoughts, etc? I am okay with every section except a little weak on the Tools. Was there that much on the test?



What publications relating to the BOK do you use, I use basically two books for the BOK, they are Management audits by Allan J Sayle and the quality audit handbook by J P Russell, both can be obtained through ASQ,I wrote a book review for both publications within the book review section of the cove, Prep exams can be purchased too, Good luck.
LD, I just thought I would ask, Why are you writting this exam and, what do you percieve to gain from this designation and, Do you have ISO9001 LA designation?



I am a certified LA for ISO9001, interested to appear for CQA from ASQ. Can any one suggests how to proceed with Indian branches of ASQ?

T S Rao


It's a holiday weekend in the U.S. Therefore, Govind Ramu may not have a chance to read this thread and respond to your request for a couple days. I am confident that he will know how to apply and write the CQA in India as he is an advocate for certification there.

On the ASQ online application, the following contact may also be helpful:

For International sites, contact [email protected]

If you email ASQ Customer Service, I'm sure they will respond to your query later in the week.


I sent a PM to Govind regarding the question of certification applications in India.
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