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ASQ Lean Division - Lean Certification program is on HOLD (June 2007)



As posted on the ASQ Lean Enterprise Division Forum:

The Lean Certification that the division has been working on is now on hold. The ASQ Certification Board had sent out a market analysis survey some months ago and informed us that the results of the survey did not support a certification for Lean.

We have a member from the LED who will be contacting the Cert board to gain additional information on the survey as the results they stated were quite different then we expected. Everyone who worked at the LED Booth at the WCQI in Orlando agreed that the Lean Certification was the most asked question.

Another thought I have on the survey process is in regards to the recently added Certified Quality Process Analyst certification. This certification has been a disappointment in regards to number of people taking the exam (reported by ASQ), so my question is how did they find the support to proceed?

My second thought is in regards to the Green Belt certification. I was in contact with ASQ a few years back and asking about getting a Green Belt certification established as there was interest in outr local section. I was told that the results of their survey did not support a Green Belt Certification and less then 2 years later it was introduced.

Please know that LED will continue to pursure the certification and do our best to keep everyone informed on the status.

Wayne Paupst
Lean Enterprise Division Chair Elect
As an original member of the "interest group" that preceded the Lean Division, I feel like a traitor for saying this, but I think a Lean certification is about as necessary as a certification for common sense.

Added in edit:
I would, however, like to see a Body of Knowledge for Lean.


What is especially sad Wes, is that even though there doesn't seem to be a need based on the responses from the membership, they still plan on going forward. It just seems like another example of "we know best".

I probably won't be including the Lean division in my renewal this year. Even before it became a full fledged division, it has just seemed to flounder.

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