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ASQ - Service Quality Body of Knowledge



Ever since I came across the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), I've always wondered whether such a thing actually existed. Now, thanks to you, Ajit, I know.

Thank you so much for this gem !


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I came across this Body of Knolwedge which gives very good information on various tools used in Quality - SQBOK

Initially wanted to download and post but the filesize is huge, so provided weblink.:) Hope you find it useful.
Thanks for the post and visibility. One of my very good friend from ASQ Staff worked in this Service BOK project for several months with team of ASQ volunteers to develop this content. I sent her this thread link as a feedback from quality practitioners.

Her response is as follows:
I’m glad you find these resources to be useful. The ASQ Service Quality Body of Knowledge (SQBOK) team has recently updated the SQBOK framework of topics, and instead of the spreadsheet of tools you will now find an online matrix showing how tools align to topics in the SQBOK. The team is continuing to add more tools and resources every day. Please check back often:

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