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Assessing a Preventive Maintenance Strategy - Reliability or Maintenance Statistics



Good Day,

I am a novice reliability student that is assigned a task to assess Preventive Maintenance strategy of the drive train within a STS Gantry Crane. I have field performance data from 2009-2012 on this repairable. I have data on the expected operating hours of the system as a whole for each month and after a review of the corrective maintenance log I segregated the hours into uptime hours and downtime hours. I have calculated the Availability value of the system from the information.

I have the list of PM tasks and the frequency that it is performed.

I was asked to determine if the freqency of the PM task was an overkill.

Any Advise on a statistical analysis that can help me assess the time and cost savings that can be deived from the above infomaton. Can I correlte the above variables to derive insight into improvements in the maintenance strategy applied to this system?

Also is there an Excel template that I can access that can faciliate the analysis.

I have access to IBM SPSS and SAS JMP. A sample file in the format suitable for these software would also be appreciated

Thanking you in advance

Steve Prevette

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Re: Maintenance statistics

Basically this is a reliability analysis. You need to accumulate the time between failures. One question is - do they follow an exponential distribution, or show the "bathtub curve". You are especially interested in "Burn Out" - is there some time period after which failure rate increases? If so, this cries out for PM. It is also helpful if you have information on what was the failure mode, and what PM's were expected to prevent that failure. There are many reliability text books out there to help guide this analysis.


Re: Maintenance statistics

Hi Steve

Thank you for setting me on the path towards a methodology to achieve this analysis.

Due to an unrealistic deadline requested by my professor to complete this analysis, I am still hoping for an attached document demonstrating a working example to aid/guideline in my analysis of the this Ship-to-Shore gantry crane maintenance strategy Evaluation (Reliability Analysis); from a member of this forum.

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