Assigning the Correct Procedures Applicable to Job Titles

John Broomfield

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Right, from customer needs to cash in the bank. This reinforces the message that by doing quality work the company makes more money.

My clients have “invoicing and credit control” as well.


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Again, thanks to all. Just speaking about procedures, it really seems that I'm the only one here that reads them. The more experienced people teach the new people how things really work around here and the procedures are just a reflection of what each process does. Simple right?


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So what you are saying Ninja, is identify the employee and state his or her skills
Yes. I suggest that this is required under identifying training needs and competence...though I recognize that opinions vary widely on the topic.
By "skills" (in my world anyway) it means specific tasks....not "he's a great machinist in every respect".

If your lathe operator is really conscientious...and you don't have lathe work for them, so you train them to make Part "a" on an end mill...but nothing else...
That employee is trained to make Part "a"...but not necessarily trained for all end mill usage...

Y'all have to decide how granular your needs are. And track "training" accordingly.

We had technicians trained to do steps 4&5 of a 15 part process...because that's where the bottleneck was. They were not trained to all 15 steps...just steps 4&5. They did a whole different process 98% of the time, but in the downtime, they could pitch in for those two steps and help out another group. is all about how your company chooses to operate.


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This is a Job Shop, where we make almost any type of metal or plastic part we have the capabilities to make. I attached our JOB DESCRIPTION form to show how things are currently done around here. Please have a look and somehow help me bring all this together WITHOUT going the Procedure route.


John Broomfield

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For your job description to replace the documented instructions for operating the machines it should specify the required abilities, skills and knowledge of a machine operator and refer to the record that her or his competence was verified to operate each machine: under close supervision or autonomously.

Such verifications should be made by someone shown to be competent to do this.

Also take a look at your recruiting procedure to see if it refers to your job descriptions so selected candidates at least have the aptitude (part of ability) to train or work as a machine operator (for example)

Update your job description accordingly and let us review it if you like.

Depending on the amount of teamwork required in manufacturing you may still need a documented plan or procedure (flowchart) to describe the interactions within the manufacturing process so each member of the process team knows what is expected of them and what to expect of others. Job descriptions tend not to do this well.

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