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Asterix when pasting a column of values from Excel into Minitab (V17)

Hi. I have an issue where if I copy a column of values from Excel into Minitab (V17), there is a asterix inserted as a new row in between every value. I have tried formatting etc bit to no avail. Any ideas / experience of this at all? Thx


A Sea of Statistics
I believe the "*" means blank cells or rows....recently transferred .csv (comma separated values) spreadsheet from excel, had to go back and remove the blank rows/cells from sheet then proceed...hope this helps...
Sorted thanks guys. For some reason (I inherited the worksheet), the whole document was set up with merged cells. So every cell actually contained 2 rows but merged. The * denoted a missing value from the merged cell. Simple when you can see the wood for the trees :)
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