Atlassian and Plugins for Quality System/Records?


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We are using the Atlassian tools (Confluence - wiki, Jira - defect/change tracking, Bitbucket/Bamboo - checkin and build) and I am looking at a small number of plugins to have some calculated fields (for calculating hazard ratings) and control of approvals for wiki pages.

Is anyone using Atlassian for their quality system and quality records? If so, would you be willing to share what plugins you are using?

I am trying to make a cohesive system within those tools for the quality system procedures, hazards, requirements, design specs, issues/change requests/tasks/defects, and using their linking features to connect all the dots.

What I probably do need is a plugin that does traceability matrices. If we don't have one, I will end up printing off "page info" about each item and letting a poor auditor poor through all the paper. Or, set that auditor up with a view-only account to look at it all online.

Anyone have any hints, tips, or favorite plugins for using the Atlassian tools?

S. Schoepel

Mark Meer

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Reporting and Scaffolding plugins by ServiceRocket. ...invaluable!

Basically allow you to setup your own forms in Confluence, and then generate automatic reporting pages...

As far as approval for wiki pages, we tried briefly the Page Approval plugin by Service Rocket, but in the end found it easier to just stick with our paper-based approvals...
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