Attachment List Update - 2018-11-16


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As many of you know, quite a few years ago I had a "mod" written for the old vBulletin forum which would list all files attached to posts because vBulletin did not have any way to do that. I had the same done for this Xenforo instance. I have had Attachment List improved. Clicking the Attachment List link, which is to the right of the Calendar link at the top of pages, will list all files attached to posts. In the old one you could search for files using keyword(s). The improvement is you can now search for files uploaded by a specific User Name. You can also search using both key word(s) and User Name.

EDIT ADD: I just noticed that if you Search for files by a specific User, it will not only find Files Attached to Posts, it will also find and list Album/Media files that the User has uploaded (if any).
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