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Greg B


I like the fact that they are all in one place and that you also have the link to the parent thread.

Greg B


Search by thread option?

I'm probably being a P.I.T.A. (pain in the...neck?) but is there a way you could search by Thread?

For example, I know that if I'm looking for something about audits I can search for that keyword (used to be able to, anyways) but is there a way I can search for attachments that appear in the parent thread Auditing including ISO 19011 only? :thanx:

Tom W

Living the Dream...
I would ask if there is a way to sort by or search by poster (user). If you want to look for a specific persons attachment??? I don't know if this would be very useful, but it is about the only thing you haven't incorproated on this great page. Great job Marc (as always). :applause:


Captain Nice
Staff member
Yes - Sort by User is in the second field. I did note a few discrepancies and I'm not sure yet what is causing them.

No - You cannot Search by User. You have to Sort and then scroll to the user name.

The unfortunate part at this time is there is no true Search which specifically addresses attachments. But - if you use the forum Advanced Search and then use the Google Search at the top of the search page to search for say 14k_gap_grid.pdf - the attachment will show up in the search results.

Al Dyer

You can click on a persons name to get to their CP and then click the notation to view all posts. This could be very time consumming with some of our prolific posters.:confused:

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