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Could I get some comments concerning an issue I am facing. My management believes our facility (1,800 people) can achieve QS-9000 registration by April.

We are registered to ISO9001:2000; however, based on what I have read here over the past two or three years, it usually takes somewhat longer than 3 months to establish a QS-based system that will pass registration. (My memos based on comments here re: TS vs. QS have gone unanswered.)

We have no customers as yet; this move is a marketing ploy to capture more business, so I am guessing the approach is to put the QS add-on requirements into place, get registration, then actually do all the work -- PPAPs, etc.

Is this possible? Or should I retire and buy that bait camp down in Texas?


Al Dyer

Who am I to rain on someones parade:vfunny:

Let alone the QS - TS situation that you are aware of I believe it would be difficult to say the least. You can't get the registration before you have proven that you have done the work effectively.

While the documentation might be in place a registrar/auditor will want to see evidence of an effective system. They will:

-Look through your APQP/PPAP records. Tough if you don't have any.
-Look at the business plan for long term goals.
-Check your ASN system to see if it is running properly.
-Look at your customer satisfaction numbers.
-Review your FMEA and Control Plans.
-Look for records of a full cycle of internal audits.

The list goes on but I'm sure you already know the task you are up against.

Any other takers? My thoughts are a little choppy today!


Must agree with Al. I don't think it can be done.

Moreover, to me it makes no sense to go for QS when you are already ISO 9k-2k. Better to go for TS16949.

QS is based on the old 20 element structure of ISO-9000.

TS16949 is being written to integrate ISO-9K2K.

Ask your marketing people why you should attain certification to a standard which will be obsolete in a couple of years. Wouldn't it look so much better and pro-active if you were one of the first companies to attain certification to the new "cutting edge" standard? (marketers love those kinds of terms)

Sounds like a lot of wheel spinning for the marketing geeks.

(Can you say Dilbert? I knew you could.:vfunny: :vfunny: :vfunny: )



I also agree

I agree that it would be very hard to do in such a short time and I also think Jim is right in saying the transition to 16949 would be closer related to what you already have.

One additional thought though and someone please correct me if I am wrong - IASG published an interpretation that new registrations to QS-9000 could be based on the documented system without evidence of performance. If the initial audit found the system to meet the requirements, the physical evidence could be established in subsequent surveillance audits. With this in mind (assuming I'm not dreaming) it may be possible to have a recomendation from a registrar within a short time. Especially if you have experience with the registrar on your current ISO system.

Good luck, and if you don't need the bait camp could you send me some details? :cool:



Gentlemen, thank you for taking the time to responsd.

I will follow up with our ISO registrar on Mr. Scott's comments.

I am also trying to get management consider using the services of our esteemed host.

Again, thanks


Can we keep this open for a while...

I am facing very similar issues. QS9000 is seen as a marketing tool (primarily) to attrack those customer segments. Because ISO9001 was relativey "easy to get", it is now seen the same way with QS9000 ("bolt on system"). We are ISO9001:1994 and I suggested 16949 to go for. Then, I made Management aware of the system changes ISO9001:2000 (process oriented) and they instantly backed off. It seems to be too much work but not too much to go for QS9000 and the again upgrade to 16949 in 2 years time.

The pressure is on and I just had an email today that QS9000 certification must be achieved by the end of May. (I didn't raise the question, but I am sure it is meant to be this year).

Based on a internal QSA we score about 5 (optimistic = 6, Pessimistic = 4). With current culture and attitudes I do not believe that this can be lifted to a 7 in a few weeks time. If however this could be done, my next concern would be the future and maintenance of the certification.

How do you convert those people?
How do you tell them that this is NOT about a registration certificate on the wall?
How do you tell them, that even with QS9000 there is no guarantee for a job in automotive?
How do you tell them that QS9000 is a CI process that takes time and this very much depends on the Management culture/attitudes?

Any help out there? Any similar experiences made? How did you overcome those obstacles?



QS in a month

First of all Welcome Gary!

Unless you already have everything in place, I’m not certain you can attain QS in short a period of time. Almost every registrar I know requires your systems to be in place for at least three months. I do not think you have enough time to show evidence in the short time you have.

Secondly, ISO/TS 16949:2002 is a lot less prescriptive than QS. I would highly recommend anyone NOT attempt QS.

Thirdly, I don’t think you can pull the blinders off in six weeks. What I would suggest is you tell them this:

“Just for kicks I put this issue up on the Cove. Now I made it sound much worse than it really is, but let’s see how the experts around the world respond.” Then bring them here to let them see what we think. Now if you wish I could edit this post to remove this paragraph so they can’t see it.

If they are still unmoved, my next best suggestion is to go to and upload your resume.
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