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Attitudes and Intimidation in Elsmar Cove forum Posts



Re: Responding to Questions Thread Update 11JAN08 080111

I decided to 'bump' this old thread to remind everyone that the Elsmar Cove forums are a world-wide, totally open public forum. We all have personalities and, especially in an internet text forum like this, sometimes personalities conflict. Please - If you have a personality conflict with someone, remember you can put the person on your 'Ignore' list. That way, if someone's posts irritate you (for example) you will not even see that person's posts. It will also block them from emailing you and from PMing you.

With respect to responding to questions and/or participating in discussion threads, whether replying to 'newbies', or 'regulars' for that matter, I want to take a minute and remind everyone that what happens here the world sees.

I was in Boston for 3 days this last week for some training. I was speaking with someone and the web site came up. The person said they really enjoyed it, but that he didn't visit too much because often there was a lot of 'sniping' in many discussion threads, by both Moderators and some 'regulars'. This person said that really 'turned him off'. I was disheartened and disappointed. This has come up in the past a number of times. I have gotten emails from people in the past. A few went so far as to asking me to remove their user record and all posts they had made. While that has only happened maybe 6 to 8 times over the last 5 years, and has not happened in the last year, it obviously is still an issue as evidenced by this person telling me about his being 'turned off' by these types of posts.

I recount this because I want to restate that all of us, myself included, have to be very careful in our posts, that we respect others in our posts and that we do not start, or reply 'in kind' to (we don't need 'One Up Manship'...), 'darts' (aka 'sniping', etc.). If you see this type of situation come up, PLEASE either use the
Report This Post button in the post 'header' OR, if you only want me to know you are reporting the post, please PM me. I assure you I will keep your PM to me confidential, and I PROMISE you I will discuss the issues with the moderators, or, if your complaint has to do with a moderator, I will discuss it with the Elsmar Cove Board of Directors. Your complaint will not be dismissed without consideration. I will follow up with the initiator of all complaints so the person reporting the incident is informed of the resolution.

Please remember - The WORLD is watching what we write here. What you write reflects upon you very much. You like to joke around from time to time, and so do I. The intent is not to detract from the personal contact aspects of the Elsmar Cove forum community. Rather, it is a reminder that what you post is being watched by the world. For your own sake, Please - Be courteous to one another. What you post reflects upon your image and reputation, as well as on the image of the Elsmar Cove forums (which I do take very personally).

'Plays Well With Others' is important here.

Your comments in this thread are welcome, and your opinions and comments will be appreciated. It is my personal goal to make the Elsmar Cove forums a place people like to visit without reservation. This site has been online for over 12 years now. We've out lived just about every quality and business standards discussion forum on the internet. If we continue to improve, we may be here 12 more years! To continue to improve, we need YOUR comments about this and other aspects of the Elsmar Cove forum.

My Thanks!
I was just re-reading this post, Marc, and thinking what an excellent post it is. :agree:

Thought I'd bump it at this time of year, peace and harmony for all. Best wishes.
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