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Stop sugar coating things


Quit sugar-coating things and tell us what you really think! :eek:

I'm not convinced that this situation meets the requirement of a Major either. I also agree with your comments. No where does it say where the criteria and methods need to be defined. I think that your checklist (if you use one) could also qualify as “methods”. I would also add that YOUR system must work! You can carefully outline, define and document your criteria and methods, but if they don’t work they are useless.

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I am almost out of sugar...then we will all be in trouble

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M Greenaway

Well said Barb

I agree entirely - but it looks like the auditor is looking for this clearly written in a procedure, or somewhere in the audit plan or corresponding report.

Like you say this isnt even an observation - let alone a major non-compliance. Its just an opinion of someone looking for an easy life.


Hello Everybody,

Good Morning! Our external auditor was quite judicious at many places. For example, our preventive procedure was inadequate. At the end of the audit, auditor (out of the way) suggested how to improve on preventive procedure and make it more effective. As we know, many external auditors also work as a Quality consultant. Regarding audit criteria, fault lies with me also. I made a bland statement in quality manual (copied from ISO 9001 standard) that audit criteria is defined in manual, which was not specifically defined in manual/procedure. I have already updated the internal audit procedure based on feed back from this forum. It should work now.



barb butrym

Quite Involved in Discussions you ever get tired of auditors trying to tell you the way it has to be? i know i get real testy about it...i can ...i am an auditor, so its ok.... LOL seriously there are too many experts that think their way is the only way.... i teach the QSLA and the IRCA 9k2k transisition auditor courses..and i really beat them up on that stuff... once they leave my course, they better understand there are as many acceptable ways as there are companies....the key is 'does it work?????'

whose caption is it here.?..'show me the shall!!!!" that says it all.... ;)

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Originally quoted by Jit:
" One major non-conformity raised was, in our audit procedure, we have not defined the audit criteria and method of doing internal audit."
Hmm...major, woh that woould be a very disgusting, getting a major.....
Originally quoted by Barb:
"Damn......A major is a total breakdown or absence of a system"

I think a minor would be a considerate one. You have a specs however you haven't demonstrated on how to perform audits. And speaking of checklist, on our side we use a checklist that would serve as guide for auditors in auditing a certain clause on the standard.

IMHO what would you do is talk with the auditors who undergo training, discuss what were they learn from the training. Then apply it. Incorporate in your procedure.

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