Audit Findings: The quality objectives have not been quantified



in a recent audit, an NCR was raised as follows:
"the quality objectives have not been quantified".
is it correct?
the standard prescribes that we should bring out the policy with clear objectives and goals etc.
comments please.

John C

re; "the quality objectives have not been quantified".
The standard does not require that the quality objectives be quantified. We have to 'define and document...objectives for quality..'. Where it is appropriate, we should quantify quality objectives, eg; if our policy was to ship only product of a measured and recorded DPM, then it would be a pointless excercise if we did not quantify a threshold under which we would not ship. If my policy is to use 'competent' sub-contractors, then I need to define, and in some way 'quantify' the required performance.
However, if my policy is to varnish my product because I think it is more popular with my customers, then I don't quantify it. I may back up the decision with statistical evidence, but that is not quantifing my objective (which is varnishing). It is quantifying the decision making material.
rgds, John C


In fact, as a suggestion, my client was asked to change one of the objectives by incorporating " after implementing QMS and getting it certified, the product will be certified within 12 months as per relevant National Standards".
this sort of inclusions is puzzling.
any comment?

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!

It puzzles me as well. I'm getting the picture that you had an auditor with personal bias performing the audit. His request seems inappropriate to me. National Standards that are mandated (not voluntary), to the best of my knowledge, are established by the government, not Registrar's or their auditors.



Don Winton

His request seems inappropriate to me.

Gotta go with Kevin on this one. Assessors are not supposed to suggest anything! The primary function of an assessor is to determine compliance or nonconpliance to the standard. If I were the client, I would complain (loudly) to his registrar.


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