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Audit Objective Evidence - the holy ****


Did the program manager review this?
Yeah. here's the review presentation:)

Could you show me the record of review?
Yeah. Here it is:)

I am not finding any reviewer remark with respect to <one particular>?:cool:
Yeah. The reviewer had nothing to say:argue:

How do you DEMONSTRATE to ME that reviewer had SEEN that slide in the presentation and yet had no remarks?:deadhorse:
Dumbstruck. (Inner Voice)I am sure the reviewer had his eyes and brains in the right place. Dammit.


:notme: I have successfully used ISO9001/4.1:
The ORGANIZATION shall ... c) determine criteria and methods needed to ensure that both the operation and control of these processes are effective.

I assume that your procedures do not require a mark on each reviewed slide, do they? Or, that your reviewer had not otherwise marked all other slides except that to be ok.

Of course, if the auditor happened to find something relevant that your reviewer should have found (thus having evidence that your determined method was ineffective), you admit that and go to find a root cause for error in review process.
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