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Hallo All!

I would like to ask your opinion on audit planning based on VDA 6.3.
I am an internal auditor and I basically did a full P2-P7 only one time, internally I only do (P5)-P6-P7, but I am required to go as a 2nd party auditor to an other intercompany site, and I would like to optimize my time there but also be thorough too.

So I would like to have your opinion how to plan my agenda to be sure to cover every topic in a good order.

Plan is that either I would go alone or I go with another auditor if the later is allowed by our boss. And we basically would have 35 auditor hours to conduct the audit.

Thank you in advance


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Re: Audit planning -audit agenda - VDA 6.3

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Re: Audit planning -audit agenda - VDA 6.3

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thanks for moving it :)

couple of more information
- the plant I need to audit has approx 1000 employee
- it is an tier 1/2 manufacturing company
- not responsible for product design but partially responsible for process design
- both is our customer and supplier (bad one)
- they have assembly processes (screwing, riveting, welding, as I remember coating too)
- no direct purchasing so not responsible for selecting supplier but has SQA/SQD

I think I will select a few recent claims from our site to them as a base and will bring the information with me,
- 1st part will be opening meeting wiht some plant presentaion/and tour ( I have never been at this plant)
- brief review of KPIs - to get an overview of bad trends
then to check customer satisfaction
- claims/complaint handling - focusing on the similar issues which my location complained to them - how they do the root cause analysis and how to check the effectiveness of the actions
- then to check if the promimised actions have been carried out
- then check on the manufacturing processes (each type but more focus on the ones with bad trend KPI and the ones which have closer relations to my site's complaints - and choose to 2 products which we buy and at least one which goes to other customers (with touching the relevant questions from P5)
- then p2 to p4 - focusing on the change management, and how they implement changes
- closing meeting

and it can be 3 days if I go with a coauditor

What do you think?


3 days for 2 auditors should be just about right to give you enough opportunity to go into sufficient detail.

Is this your first time you're auditing this supplier?
If yes, it would be beneficial to get as much information ahead as possible. Why not ask them to share some documents (and assure them you'll be keeping them strictly confidential) such as Quality Policy, internal audit plan, organisation chart, copies of procedures / Control Plan / FMEA... The more you can have ahead, the better you can understand the processes in the organisation and the more effective your audit can be.

I strongly recommend focusing on change management, escalation (feel free to even ask random people during the audit how they'd proceed if there was a problem, everyone should know their 3 levels of escalation), and customer-specific requirements.

Hope this helps
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