Auditing Hotels and Restaurants to ISO 9001:2000 - Service Industry


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I had a friend who owns a hotel and a restaurant. Last time we met :bigwave:, he ask me to audit his restaurant against the ISO9000 standards by next week. I must admit I had no idea for service-oriented :confused: since my background is on electronics environment. Is there any body out there who could help me on how to audit this type of business? They are ISO9002 Certified and they want to upgrade to ISO9001:2000. Where do I start? :eek: Please help me! :frust:

Thanks in advance.
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C Emmons

You stated they are currently certified to the 9002:1994 version.
Why dont you start with a copy of his policy and procedures. This should help you get a grip on how they met the intent of the standard. Once you get that - you should be able to do a gap analysis to determine where they fall short on meeting the requirements of the 9001:2000 standard.

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Its the same standard, all you have to do is be open minded for the different ways things can be handled internally. You have to look at the services they provide as 4.9, the process and product.

For the design in 9K2K you need to look at how they design the service they provide, and validate it.


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Do the audit the same as you would for manufacturing. These folks just have a different type of product (service). It actually might be easier when looking at processes like customer service, guest room servicing, room service, etc.
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