Auditing Human Resources and Daycare


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Hi Everyone,
I was assigned to audit HR and Daycare. What are the things that I need to audit in HR and Daycare? :bigwave:

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Raffy :cool:


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Audit their procedures and their practices just as you would any other area, process or department. Don't let the fact that these are non-production areas mess you up. Audit as you would anywhere else.


If HR as in HRD and against ISO 9001;2000,THEN YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING AT CLAUSE 6 OF ISO 9001;2000.Day care could be against "Customer supplied goods"ha ha ha.



I've done a h**l of a lot of audits, but never audited Daycare. Let us know how it goes please.


Defined processes

We must be careful in defining our processes too tightly. For example, most manufacturing companies don't have to worry about their product smearing peanut butter on the walls. (Hmmm... just what is the 'product' of daycare? :confused: ) When engage the human aspect HR/daycare we add variation that might be hard to account for every possiblity. So.... don't try to account for every possiblity.

A good start, even before Jim's suggestion, would be to define your product and your customer. Are the kids customers? Are the parents customers? Once you have answered that, then follow Jim's advice (Yes, that is what I said)! :vfunny:


As much as you get picked on, I'm not so sure. My flack vest is old and full of holes (much like most of my excuses)!


Hi, Raffy.

As an HR Pro that has been audited many times for QS900x certification and recertifications, usually the auditor would start with the QS900X document to determine what HR is suppose to be doing. In our case, we were to maintain the corporate training records--there were specific specifications to meet. Then the auditor came in an asked for a list of employees from the President down through the organization--including contractors like security and cafeteria. They wanted to be sure that these areas received training on our QS900X procedures and that HR had a training record for each person in the plant, that the records were up-to-date and matched the training matrix that the company said for each area, i.e. accounting personnel had certain training that needed to be completed by job title; Quality had some of the same training but also some unique to Quality and so on.

Hope this helps you out.

Chris May


So if the young nappy wearers are deemed to be customers....

How would you control customer supplied product ???




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