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Auditing Transportation/Logistics to TS 16949 Requirements



Other than the obvious, training, competence, delivery, customer satisfaction, customer dissatisfaction, performance measures etc. What other areas should I look at when it comes to auditing Transportation/Logistics within my organization to the TS standard?

John Broomfield

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Data gathered and analyzed to drive preventive action per 8.4c, effectiveness of said preventive action per 8.5.3, criteria known for the effectiveness of processes per 4.1c and monitoring of processes for effectiveness per 8.2.3.

As this is my first time posting on this site, I'm excited to ask a question. I have a customer specific requirement for "The supplier shall self-assess its logistic system once a year, usually according to the MMOG/LE model" With that said, I'm looking for an alternate to the MMOG/LE. Does anyone have a different document they use?


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