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J Kay

Some ASQ chapters have set up programs in their local areas to offer some help. The Middle Tennessee ASQ chapter was working on this last spring. Send me a fax number and I will fax you a section from their newsletter.

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Al Dyer


I don't have the RAB manuals in front of me but maybe you could offer your audit services to companies that want to assess there level of compliance prior to going through an audit with a registrar.

There are many smaller companies that are looking for just such a thing. (Including ours)

Good Luck!




I recently saw an article in the Oct. issue of Quality Digest regarding a group called Midlands Audit Group (MAG). This group is made up of auditors who volunteer their time and services in exchange for gaining experience. The contact was listed as John Matras (402) 232-4730 or email [email protected] Perhaps this can be a viable vehicle for you.



I am a RAB certified provisional auditor with experience in the transportation industry and the military. I have been searching for a registrar to partner with in order to accumulate the necessary audits to progress to auditor, and hopefully lead auditor. All of the registrars I have contacted want a lead auditor and I am really in a catch 22 situation. Anyone have any suggestions?

Scott Roberts
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