Auditor's certificate for newly employed graduate? (Mechanical Engineer)




Sorry if I posted this in the wrong side of the forums.
I've started my quality career 8 months ago with a french company (7 personnel). I lead the implementation of NF EN ISO 13485. Coming from a mechanical/Management engineering background (Masters in Mechanical Engineering (Concentration: Production/Quality Management), I liked doing what I did and It almost felt easy. I became strongly happier when our system got certified by an accredited registrar. I have, then, moved ( for pay reasons) to a bigger company through the recommendation of a consultant I have with. This is my first month in my new job and as their quality manager and with little experience I have, we're looking into getting ISO 9001 certified. I strongly believe that raw experience has many something books cannot offer and hence the reason why IRCA and RAB-QSA are putting up experience requirements (2 year min) for their auditor's certificate examinations. While I'm not in hurry to become an auditor and I believe this is the time to learn, I do wonder if there are any worldwide reputable organizations that offer QMS auditor's certification?

Any advice will be appreciated. I'm very open to new ideas and suggestions.:agree:
Let that wisdom spill on me. :lol:
Thank you very much. :tg:
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