Audits before QS -9000 Certification



According with MSA
If some company needs to be certified by QS 9000 Standar must have three kinds of audits.
1st Party Audit ---- Is from Intern Audit
2 nd Party Audit ----- Is from some Automotive Customer to the suplier
3 rd Party Audit ----- Is from some Quality System Certification Body

Is mandatory to have a 2 nd Party Audit?

Please Would you clarify this to me?


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You must have gone through a full internal audit cycle leading to the management review and determination of suitability and effectiveness of the quality system.

To my knowledge, there is no requirement to have a 2nd party audit from any customer. For that matter, I don't know where there is a requirement that you actually have to have a customer.

You definately need the 3rd party audit to become certified.

Why would you want to pursue QS at this late date? 16949 is accepted now in place of QS-9000 and the QS certification will no longer be valid soon. The QS certification will not include the current ISO standard so if ISO is required by your customers you will need to have a seperate certification.

I think you would be better off aligning with 16949 now and go for certification to that.

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