Author and Reviewer - Can they be the same person?



Author and Reviewer

Help me to put an end to an argument I am having with a co-worker in regards to documentation.

A person cannot author(write) a document and be an editor (reviewer) of the document at the same time? Doesn't this defeat the purpose? I believe the author can be a validator to the written procedure, WI, etc., but they cannot be listed as a reviewer of the document.



Al Dyer

I don't see any problem with an author reviewing their own work. The important part is the approval process in which all departments that have input or are affected by the document need to approve the document.

At a time when I was the internal auditor I reviewed and approved all of my own documents other than the Level II procedure. With that one I had the General Manager as the second approval.


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Gotta agree that an author can review documents. Number one, usually (at least here) the person writing the document is the one that knows how it's done. Number two, we have at least two people approving documents, typically one of supervisory or above level, and the second is myself for compliance issues. So, in the case of a work instruction, they would be written either by an hourly person, or one of our salaried "technical staff". The approval process would be the area supervisor (who may or may not be on the tech staff) and myself (I am a tech staff member and supervisor).

If your people are hired, grandfathered, or trained to assess documentation and their performance shows they can carry out the function in an unbiased and effective way, there should be no problem at all.

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What we have in place is that all staff who are involved (auditors/supervisors/engineers/managers/etc...) in the process are included in reviewing a document when a change is proposed. All Document Change Requests (includes initiating new documents or making any obsolete) must be approved by the QA and Plant Managers and ISO Coordinator.

We have a designated 'reviewer' identified for all documents (require periodic review based on last revision date) and our rule of thumb there is whomever the manager is over that process is the reviewer (regardless of who the last editor of a document was).

Confusing enough? :ko: I'm going a bit loopy today.

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