Auto electronic signature on Calibration Form


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We are working toward ISO 9xxx, but no audits or anything yet.

We do some calibration for customers and issue a calibration certificate (in ISO 17025 format). We have the tech sign it , but the final check is done by a fellow that does not want to actually sign anything and the form always has his signature for final approval (ie: before he actually approves it) on the form in permanent electronic format.

My Question: is this an issue come audit time (either ISO 9xxx or eventually ISO 17025)?


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My first level of curiosity would be why the employee does not want to sign anything. If the organization does not have his consent to have his signature printed on the form, then that's not a good thing.

Or am I misinterpreting - is his electronic signature there because he is too lazy to apply a "wet signature" ?

I understand fussy employee issues - I've had those who didn't want me to use images in assembly instructions that contained pictures of their hands holding a component.


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I didn't ask what his reasoning was- kinda seemed to prevent identity theft (if no one knows what your signature looks like)

My question was- does this "signature in place" before final approval cause audit problems?


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Having an indicator of approval on a form before it's actually approved is a problem. If something happened and they never got around to doing the check, the paperwork would still say it was good and it could go out the door without the final verification. I've written nonconformities in audits before where an operator or inspector stamped off work as completed before they even looked at it.
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