Automation of Technical Documentation drafting, compiling, and updating

Hi all, here to ask about your insights and experiences with document generation and editing tools.

Now that the world is exploding with new language-model-based AI services with supposed application for the medical industry, I believe there should be safe and effective ways out there to use GPT-style bots to read information (for instance analytical results or regulatory updates or whatever) and suggest concrete text updates to existing technical documentation, including risk management files, post-market surveillance reports, and what not.

I wonder about the contradiction between protecting sensitive data versus allowing the bot to train on your files and connect it to web-trained parameters.
On the one hand, general text bots such as DocsBot are available, where I wonder about its suitability/safety for medical industry/technology... on the other hand we see specialized environments such as MedDevo, where it is unclear to me whether the benefits outweigh the costs for small organizations.

Any experience with automation of Medical Device File compiling/updates? Anyone here who might be developing their own tool using Microsoft Azure, for example.

Looking forward to learn and share thoughts!
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