automobile sites - supply, media, photopools etc

Dear All,

I am looking for automobile sites, not the usual corporate fronts, for example

ford supply site of

media sites such as and

sites where automobile manufacturers employ for their photographic pools eg

If anyone has knowledge of sites out their I would appreciate identifying their locations etc.



Jim Biz

If I'm reading this correctly - most of the site pages and information you may be seeking are "linked" to the main corporate pages and require a password identification to gain access to them- unless/until you are an approved supplier and have been issued a password the site address would not be helpful in supplying information

--- In our situation we do have access to detailed "Supplier requirements and customer procedures/specifications etc." with the Agricurtural customers we have, but are required to apply for a site password for information security reasons. (it's my understanding that "supplier information" from Ford works the same way)

If you are an approved "Big 3" supplier - I would suggest you contact their representatives to gain access.


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Look at - Midwest Automotive Media Association - click on links to see a list of sites.

For Volkswagen try username 'vwpress' and password 'passat'

Hope this helps.
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