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I´m needing a good link for the automotive benchmarking figures / index.

Could someone help me?



You should try to benchmark yourselves against the EFQM model if possible - gives a lot of information.

The idea is that a number of major organisations have got together to develop what they believe to be the 'perfect company' against which you can benchmark yourselves, this is very similar to the Deming Award in Japan and the Baldridge Quality Award in the US.

This is a European award, the winners of which rarely score inexcess of 70% so don't be disheartened if you don'y score highly, in the past I have scored as low as 10% on my first review!

Alternatively, seek to benchmark against people against whom you beleive are best practice in your field.

Al Dyer

1: Determine need for benchmarking.
2: Figure which internal measurements to which you will benchmmark
3: Are benchmarking activities part of the business plan or management review?
4: Who do you want to benchmark against?
5: Will the benchmarking lead to action?
6: How do you prove that benchmarking is taking place?
7: Who is in charge of benchmarking?
8: How is benchmarking related to the work population?

Just idle thoughts????


MEP Centers

Many Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) centers provide benchmarking services. In Michigan, the State pays for Michigan companies (not sure about Indiana). You can find your local MEP at:
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