Automotive SPICE - Assessment to ISO/IEC 15504 Software Process Assessment



Automotive SPICE

At a meeting held at Stuttgart in late November last year attended by manufacturers from DaimlerChrysler, BMW, Audi, VW, Fiat, PSA, Volvo, the manufacturers agreed on common action to develop an assessment approach for suppliers (software) based on the international standard ISO/IEC 15504 Software Process Assessment. The meetuing was also attended by industry representatives from MIRA, VDA and INCOSE. The initiative is called automotiveSPICE and is under the Procurement Forum

The international standard ISO/IEC 15504 is currently being revised to be an open standard for process assessment (not just software) that can be used with any Process Reference Model. A specifc PRM is being developed for automotive by the manufacturers.

The international standard ISO/IEC 15504 provides a basis for assessing processes against a internationally recognised capability level. The capability levels under revision also fully include the various common process features incorporated into ISO 9001:2000.

Assessment approaches based on ISO/IEC 15504 are also in use by the European Space Agency for assessing software suppliers. The approach is not only one for assessment but also for risk management and improvement.

The ESA is also currently developing an approach based on ISO/IEC 15504 for product assurance that incorporates ISO9001:2000 to assess space suppliers (non software). This approach has developed a new Process Reference Model that has realigned ISO9001:2000 requirements and ECSS product assurance requirements into a process model fully compaitble with ISO/IEC 15504. This approach is currently in a trial phase.

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Any updates on Automotive SPICE ? I could not find any curent action at Procurement forum site !!



The latest information about Automotive SPICE can be found on

A flash presentation has recently been posted on the home page.

The web site is under construction

The Process Reference Model is just being finalised and should be available for download early January.

The manufacturers are contractually demanding SPICE assessments.

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